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8pm: I SEE HAWKS IN LA! free show!

October 4, 2013

“Southern California is a

land of strange, dangerous and beautiful contrasts. A mountain lion

prowls outside the tract home bedroom of a teenage girl while she talks,

oblivious to its existence, on her cell phone. A rattlesnake slithers

across an empty shopping mall parking lot on a hot summer night while

the employees count up the days profit and turn out the lights. While

paparazzi chase the latest talent free celebrity, a talented, literate

bunch of soulful musicians create honest and wise roots music for the

ages. I See Hawks are indeed one of California’s unique treasures.”

- Dave Alvin


is an overall joy that emanates from the Hawks’ music. Acoustic guitar

progressions accentuate Celtic fiddle melodies on some songs while the

melodies of others are carried by a rock guitar reminiscent of James

Burton’s work with Gram Parsons and Emmylou Harris. The lyrics display a

wry sense of the situation we find ourselves in while remaining hopeful

about our future as a species. Other songs display an equally wry

approach to the ups and downs of love. This is the music the 1960s

counterculture was meant to produce in its brightest hours. The fact

that it appears now some forty years later in a world arguably more

hopeless is a sign of hope in itself. Despite the echoes of that

lonesome whippoorwill, I See Hawks In LA wipes away those tears we are

sometimes too blue to cry.”



traversing the landscape of the Golden State like Didion on horseback.

It’s a divine fusion of humor and twang that’s definitely high, but not

that lonesome.”

- Audra Schroeder, Austin Chronicle

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