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Halloween with Shawn Mafia & the 10 Cent Thrills and The Voodoo Organist
Trick or Treat!


For over 10 years, the Voodoo Organist has been preaching his gospel of

salvation through sin. Voodoo's not here to exorcise your demons, but to

exercise them! Since 2002, VO has released eight albums, played close

to 800 shows nationwide, and received tons of press—almost 200 articles

in newspapers and magazines from all over the globe. The vast majority

of all this was achieved without a booking

agent, press agent, manager, or record label. VO's music has been used

in a few indie movies, including Return of the Living Dead IV and 100

Tears. VO has shared the stage with many great acts, including Hasil

Adkins, Black Heart Procession, Bob Log III, Stan Ridgway, Th' Legendary

Shack Shakers, and even played organ and theremin in Dave Vanian's

Phantom Chords. VO's sound is instantly recognizable yet hard to

describe, blending elements of blues, goth, punk, rock, and exotica into

a heady musical concoction that sounds something like the house band in

Satan's Tiki Lounge. Sometimes the Voodoo Organist performs solo; other

times with his drummer, Robin Kennon. Either way, the VO will have you

dancing like the Devil.

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