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OUTSIDE! earthlings?, Boots Electric, Fatso Jetson, The sons of cydonia, members of Farflung, Gilded Flicker & East Coast Car Wash! $15 5pm

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OUTSIDE! earthlings?, Boots Electric, Fatso Jetson, The sons of cydonia, members of Farflung, Gilded Flicker & East Coast Car Wash! $15 5pm

September 8, 2012

all ages! $15 tickets available at by clicking on this like

or at P&H 760 365 5956

Boots Electric wants to turn you on.

With his debut album, Honkey Kong (Dangerbird), “Boots” a.k.a. Jesse “The Devil” Hughes brings the funk like never before. Honkey Kong

is a sexy and smooth sonic cocktail of swaggering keyboards, funkified

beats, sly bass lines, and Boots’ inimitable coitus-inducing croon.

After just one listen, you’ll want to shake your hips, you’ll want to

sing along, and you’ll definitely want to get down and dirty. Isn’t that

what every album is supposed to make you do?

Fast forward from 1992 to 2009 you will find David Catching and Pete

Stahl still dusting the stars that light up the sky over the studio home

of earthlings? -Rancho De La Luna in Joshua Tree, California. This

space is an incubator for many current and past recordings. Actual live

sightings of earthlings? are less frequent these days since David

Catching was sold into slavery to pay off a minor studio

dispute. He now toils under the leather glove of the Eagles of Death

Metal. Pete Stahl presently works in music business posing as a rock-n-

roll manager, but is actually an undercover agent for the California

State Attorney’s office investigating suspected payola at radio. Adam

Maples, the band’s trusty timekeeper went incogsolo after discovering a

series of alien abductions of carpenters out in Landers, California.

Following the loss of band member and

studio founder Fred Drake in 2002, earthlings? released the EP ” Disco

Marching Craft” on the infamous Berlin record label “ Crippled Dick Hot

Wax”. The band also toured sporadically across the US and into Europe

always anchored by a visit to Mardi Gras. The band’s last show

co-incidentally was a benefit for Hurricane Katrina in 2006. Gathering

beautiful faces and traveling to special places has always happened

naturally with the ever-changing parade of musicians that is earthlings?

This new piece of vinyl is no different. Humalian was baked by the sun

and driven by the moon. It came to rest where the marine layer covers

so-cal like a velvet hammer, singing you to a digital sleep. Appearing

on these 4 songs is Edmund Monsef, patriarch of The Hacienda recording

studio and also a convicted synth streaker for Goon Moon, Clint Walsh

who plays with the S.F. punk band the Dwarves and also has been known to

don a cape for Gnarls Barkley, Matthias “C” Schneeberger, organist and

producer known for using his germanicness to mix the aural with the

astral, Brian “Big Hands” O’Connor, Bassist for EODM and resident DJ at

the Red Garter Bordello, and Miss Molly McGuire, renowned artisan and

puppeteer. The songs topics range from paranoia to abandoned children

along with the rants of a psychedelic strip mall sage.

Get what you need.

Fatso Jetson was formed in Palm Desert, CA, in 1994 and are often

credited as one of the fathers of the desert strain of stoner rock made

most famous by their slightly younger neighbors Kyuss and Queens of the

Stone Age. This might be strange considering that the genre was in full

swing at the time of Fatso Jetson's inception. The reason for the

group's immense stoner credibility is that key members

of the group played in seminal local "desert" bands Across the River,

Yawning Man, and the Sort of Quartet: each of them being groups that the

high school aged Kyuss members would frequently see perform at parties.

While musically similar to some of their stoner brethren, Fatso Jetson

incorporate a broader variety of musical influences that includes

punk,blues, jazz and surf music. That is not to say that the band isn't

capable of dishing out supremely heavy riffs.. Certainly grounded in

dense hard rock, Fatso Jetson experiment with many musical textures,

angular instrumental epics, and bizarre lyrics to create a punk, blues

art rock all their own.!/gildedflicker

Jamie Hafler(guitar/vocals) Originally from Columbus, Ohio, Cristie

Carter (bass/vocals) from San Francisco/Los Angeles and Caleb Winn

(drums) from Wooster, Ohio met in the California desert town Wonder


If there were ever proof that stoner rock has become its own genre, it

would be the fact that an album would have song titles like "Endless

Drifting Wreck" and "Silver Shrooms" -- given the band, it would

actually be more surprising if it didn't have song titles like that.

Farflung have been at it often and long enough that by this point their

jacked-up space boogie -- still audibly in debt to the

patron saints of the whole shebang, Hawkwind, but no less enjoyable for

that reason -- gives exactly what anyone who favors the approach would

want: great album graphics perfect for black T-shirts, more echo

slathered over the vocals than imaginable, and a feeling that everything

and everyone involved in the creation of it are all collectively

careening down a cosmic highway at light speed while screaming

"YEEEAARRRRRGHHHH" out of the windows!

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