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Archaeology for Citizen Scientists: An Introduction
with Joan Schneider, PhD


Meet: Thursday evenings, 6-9 PM for classroom session; Fridays, 9 AM-3 PM in the field. Classes will be held at Colorado Desert District Headquarters in Borrego Springs and in the surrounding environment.

Non-Credit Fee - $350 ($300 for ABF/PINE members)

Credit Fee - $550 ($485 for ABF/PINE members)

Single Class Fee - $75 ($65 for ABF/PINE members)

This series of classes introduces the discipline of archaeology to non-archaeologists. Students will learn archaeological terminology, the basics of the ethics and practice of archaeology, including the reasons why it is often important to maintain confidentiality in order to preserve and protect our collective cultural heritage. We will develop the skills necessary to gather information to officially record features of cultural interest. Elements of the State and Federal law regarding cultural resources will be discussed. In addition to learning about the cultural history of the California deserts, archaeological methods and theory will be briefly discussed as appropriate. Hands-on artifact recognition, the use of compass and GPS, and map-reading will be presented.

Completion of the series of six (6) two-session classes will provide the training necessary to participate in volunteer archaeological field survey, steward an archaeological site, and complete a simple site form.

This program is hosted by Anza-Borrego Foundation, the non-profit cooperating association of Anza-Borrego Desert State Park

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