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Pagan Fest
Fancy Dress Ball


Calling all ye horny gods and raging harlots to feast, Furst, and be merry! Keep your compasses and clocks set for this multimedia Pagan Fancy Dress Ball!

Witness the deconstruction of Connie King, Eva Soltes as Lakshmi (Goddess of Abundance), Amritakripa with the full Bakti-fest dance band; Machin & the Chon Chons a Spanglish jive band and the psychedelic improvisations of the The Third Ear Experience. The Chon Chon's will be the backing band for some rocking performances with Teddy Quinn, Shari Elf & T

ravis Cline.

A true friend to Joshua Tree, artist Bobby Furst has been preoccupied with helping his ailing father in Santa Fe. He and Jane (the Angel) have been absorbed in this act of selfless service for months and now would be a really good time for the community to come together and weave some threads of love and sustenance into the fabric of their lives.

So .... that is the intention of this fundraiser. We support Bobby to keep up his good work, to develop his art and continue creating a space where others can succeed and express their own art. To use Bobby's words,

"let's make it happen!"

(Suggested donation - if you can give $20, great, if you can give $100, fantastic!)

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