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8th annual CAMPOUT WEST w/ Camper Van Beethoven Gram Rabbit and many more!! 7pm


8th annual CAMPOUT WEST w/ Camper Van Beethoven Gram Rabbit and many more!! 7pm

September 14, 2012

$63 3 Day Pass on sale now at

Friday only:


Or just click here for the weekend pass and both of the single-night tickets:

Outdoor Stage:

Camper Van Beethoven &

Gram Rabbit

Indoor Stage

Johnny Hickman

The Calamity

doors 7pm

Camper Van Beethoven (Main Stage) 9:00 - 11

Gram Rabbit (Main Stage) 8:00

Johnny Hickman w Band (Piggies) (Palace Stage after CVB) 11:30

Victor Krummenacher from CVB (Palace Stage) 12:30

Lightning Starts Fire from San Diego. (Palace Stage) 8:30

Niantic from Los Angeles (Palace Stage) 7:30

Camper Van Beethoven is an American alternative rock group formed in Redlands, California in 1983.

An eclectic band, Camper Van Beethoven mixes elements of pop, ska, punk rock, folk and alternative country, as well as various types of world music.[1]

Their aggressive musical pluralism created a multi-disciplinary sound

that has rapidly evolved from record to record. The band initially

polarized audiences within the hardcore punk scene of California's Inland Empire that birthed them before finding wider acceptance in their new home of Santa Cruz[2] and, eventually, an international audience. Their strong iconoclasm and emphasis on Do It Yourself values proved to be influential to the burgeoning indie rock movement.[3]

Founded in 2004 by Jesika von

Rabbit and Todd Rutherford in the desert landscape of Joshua Tree,

California Gram Rabbit quickly gained attention for their offbeat styles

as well as their decidedly bent take on modern music. Using beats,

twangy guitars, programmed samples, a healthy dose of mind-altering

lyrical illusion and super-charged sexual energy, Gram Rabbit were

hailed as best new LA Band in 2005 at the LA Weekly Music Awards.

Momentum built as the band sold out West Coast clubs and earned rave

reviews in monthly, daily and International publications. Their rapid

ascent from outsiders to the top of the L.A. club scene could be

attributed to the dichotomy of their audience. Well-heeled


in low-slung jean and ironic t-shirts could be found next to actress

Scarlet Johansson. Uberfan John Cusack rounded out his iTunes celebrity

playlist with music from the band. It's easy to see how the bands classy

image combined with it's dirty sound was a lethal combination for their

divergent audience.

When the band hopped the pond for some

shows in the United Kingdom, the toast of Southern California made quite

an impression on the tight-knit world of the London press with write

ups in Time Out London, Dazed and Confused, The Independent and others.

They were then invited to perform at the Wireless Festival in London

sharing the stage with Basement Jaxx, M.I.A and LCD Soundsystem.

Gram Rabbit's must-see live show, their fantastic sound and their

geographic desirability helped secure a much sought after gig at the

desert music festival, Coachella. The trade magazine Daily Variety

commented: Sunday's Coachella fest got off to a slow start with

unimpressive performances by hyped artists like Fiery Furnaces and

M.I.A. (with the definite exception of the acid-trip costume show by

local, sexy psych-rockers Gram Rabbit.)

The adulation was not

lost on Hollywood. A bevy of licensing opportunities were presented to

band landing spots on CBS's "CSI", MTV's "The Assistant"' with Andy

Dick, NBC's "Life" and “Dateline“, Fox's "Head Cases", ABC’s “10 Things I

hate About You”, Bravo’s “Long Way Round”, STARZ’ “Crash”, and FX’s

“Sons of Anarchy” to name a few.

With Miracles and Metaphors

complete, Gram Rabbit is set to embark on the next phase of their

career. Their fans are set for more hare-raising gigs, vital new

additions to the live band and a sound that will surely get their asses

moving and minds bending. Beatrix Potter couldn't have written it better


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