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Explore Stubbe Springs
Desert Institute

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Explore Stubbe Springs: For those seeking an omnibus hiking experience in Joshua Tree National Park, Stubbe Springs is it. Over the 12-mile round-trip, trailed loop, hikers encounter numerous types of terrain, from woodland to wash to canyon to high, rocky plateau. The plant and animal diversity ranges from highland and riparian species to those that prefer a less densely vegetated and more arid habitat.

Springs are few and far between in the park, and those that do operate year-round are important ecosystem hubs. Although Stubbe Springs doesn’t have a surface flow, except after heavy rains, animals can use it as a water source, and its population of riparian plants provides habitat and forage for many species.

On top of everything else, the Stubbe Springs hike offers an almost continuous panorama of stupendous views, any and all of them providing geographical and breathtaking perspective to the educational content presented by the hike leader along the way. Nothing more than satisfactory hiking fitness is required.

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