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Suessical Auditions

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For the twelfth consecutive year, the creative team of Gary Daigneault and Ed Will are directing the Theatre 29 summer blockbuster musical. For 2012, the team, with Daigneault taking on the task of artistic Director and Will as Musical Director has selected the kid-friendly "SUESSICAL", based on the works of Dr. Suess. Newly returned Theatre 29 veteran Mandi Pushkar will be the show's Choreographer

SUESSICAL is described as a "a fantastical, musical extravaganza!" All of your favorite Dr. Seuss characters are brought to life: Horton the Elephant, The Cat in the Hat, Gertrude McFuzz, Mayzie, and a imaginative little boy--Jojo. The colorful characters transport us from the Jungle of Nool to the Circus McGurkus to the world of the Whos. Follow Horton, who finds himself protecting his tiny friend Jojo (and all the Whos) from a world of naysayers & dangers, but also an abandoned egg, left by the irresponsible Mayzie La Bird. Horton faces ridicule, danger, kidnapping and a trial, but the intrepid Gertrude McFuzz never loses faith in him. Ultimately, the powers of friendship, loyalty, family and community are challenged and emerge triumphant, in a story that makes you laugh and cry.

Auditions will be held Monday, May 7th, at 6:00 pm at the Theatre 29 facility at 73637 Sullivan Road, (around the corner from Barr Lumber) in the City of Twentynine Palms.

The cast of 24 will include 6 children's parts (10 or over, younger only with previous theater experience).

All performers will need to sing and demonstrate basic competent movement ability. The most skilled dancer/movers are The Cat, Mayzie, The Bird Girls, The Wickershams, Vlad, and the Jungle Animals. A number of performers play several characters (circus performers or creatures etc.)

The characters are:

THE CAT IN THE HAT (age 16-30)

HORTON (age 20-35)

GERTRUDE (age 18-30)

MAYZIE (age 25-35)

THE SOUR KANGAROO (age 25 -40) and ROO (age 6)

BIRD GIRLS (Age 19- 30)

WICKERSHAMS (age 17 -35)

JOJO (age 8-12)

MR. MAYOR (age 30-50)

MRS. MAYOR (age 25-45)


THE GRINCH (age 25-45)

YERTLE, THE TURTLE (age 20 -40)

VLAD VLADIKOFF (age 19-35)

JUNGLE ANIMALS (age 10- 40)


WHOS CITIZENS (all ages)

SUESSICAL will run Friday and Saturday nights at 7:00 From June 29 until July 28 with a Thursday show at 7:00 pm July 12, and a Sunday matinee at 2:30 pm July 22. Rehearsals will be held Monday through Thursday evenings from 6:00 pm until 9:00 pm from May 8 until opening.

Anyone interested in working backstage, stage construction, painting, lighting, sound, costumes, or props are requested to come to the may 7th audition.