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COCO from THE ETTES!!! free show

Categorized as: Nightlife & Entertainment
Event tags: music, Joshua Tree, Pappy's


"The Ettes manage to embody the

vintage-chic girl groups of yesteryear while nodding to the late '70s

New York punk scene, resulting in a visually stunning group that oozes

sensuality." - BUST Magazine

"Lead singer Coco Hames' voice

sounds the way Leslie Gore's might if she'd taken pouting and strutting

lessons from Mick Jagger . intimate and explosive." - ELLE

"Nancy Sinatra style, Patsy Cline twang, and Stonesy rock." - ALL MUSIC GUIDE

"Lead singer Coco (a.k.a. Lindsay Hames) channels some of the best

bouffanted singers of the '60s while adding a sleek punk edge" - NPR

760 365-5956