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Live Music at Butler's Coffee
in the Antelope Valley

  • Weekly on Friday and Saturday
  • Starting on: 05/18/2012
  • Ending on: 05/21/2012
  • 07:00PM
  • contact


Get used to it.

BUTLER'S COFFEE, only the hopping-est, most bopping-est java joint in the A-Valley, is at it again, offering primo entertainment back-to-back, on Friday AND Saturday evenings, thereby blowing your fondly cherished hopes of weekend couch potato martyrdom out of the water once again.


FRIDAY, MAY 18, 7:00 PM

Kicking off the weekend, DesertSong Production and Wayne Slater-Lunsford, Doctor Groove himself, will join in conjunction with Butler's to once more cry havoc and let loose the dogs of no-holds-barred musical adventure.

That's right! It's time for another OPEN MIC, the monthly bout where the finest and most daring musicians in all the land will gladly step into the ring to win our hearts and a smattering of approval.

Whether it's plucky lightweights risking it all on a lucky punch or seasoned heavyweights going for a total KO with some fresh material, BUTLER'S offers these musical pugilists a place to shine, ten minutes at a time. As impresario (and Don King lookalike) Kevin says, "Anyone can stand anything for ten minutes."

Wanna get on the card? Sign up starts at six (towel boys not provided).

Wanna catch the bouts? The first bell rings at seven.

And remember: keep it clean and no hitting below the belt.




Then Saturday, the good ship Butler's sets sail on a musical adventure once more, braving the open waters of eclecticism once more to bring you back goodies and treasures that'll hit your musical g spot like a hammer ringing a bell.

Singer-songwriter TOM RENAUD will ease you into the night with a sterling set of contemporary folk and awesome guitar. A seasoned road warrior with over two hundred songs to his credit (including "Ripened Fields of Corn," which garnered him a spot as a finalist in the Great American Song Contest) Tom's been everywhere, man, places he's had his share, man, playing small concert halls, schools, churches, conferences, restaurants, coffee houses, and grand halls, in places as far flung as Nova Scotia and Ireland.

And then, doo bee doo bee doo, things get stranger in the night when Kevin, Tyler, Matt and Luis, the collective known as THE JAZZ PEOPLE, bring their mad musical skills and dashing good looks to the stage, for an evening of whirling, swirling jazz standards and finger-popping takes on the American Songbook, with an able assist from the cat in the hat himself, vocalist extraordinaire, FRANKIE McDEE. That's THE JAZZ PEOPLE, with FRANKIE McDEE -- they'll move you and groove you 'til you cry "uncle."

* * * * *

You know the scoop on BUTLER'S, right?

This local treasure has been serving up not just great coffee and grub but also great music for years now, keeping the local music scene hopping and a-bopping. Our regular Saturday Showcases (2 acts, 45-minutes each) are where we welcome back old favourites, nurture new talent and welcome out-of-town talent. As well, we host occasional Friday Night shows, host Open Mics (10 minutes, anything goes), Java Jams (3-4 acts, 30 minute sets), monthly meetings of the Antelope Valley Guitar Society, and nights of improv comedy with O.N. Improv and That Literary Jam Thang, a regular get-together of mad scribblers and poetic dribblers. We're an acoustic venue, so we don't do electric so much as eclectic.

Yeah, eclectic.

You can look it up, if you're into that clarity thing.

We're conveniently located just down the road apiece at 40125 10th St. West in beautiful downtown Palmdale, right next to Buffalo Wild Wings (yee-hah) and just across the street from Wal-Mart. Our telephone number is 661-272-9530, and we're open seven days a week, serving up some of the finest java and light vittles you're ever likely to swallow. And friendly? Hooo-weeee. If you can't make a friend at Butler's, you just can't make friends...

There's NEVER a cover charge at Butler's, but there IS a one-purchase minimum; a small price to pay for some great entertainment.

Wanna play? Contact out music guy, Kevin Burton Smith, at He's always looking for new talent and old favourites he can count on. If he said he'd get back in touch and he hasn't, NAG him.

Want to know more on playing our Open Mics,our AVGS meetings or our Literary Jam Thang events? Head to the site at It's all there, mon frere...