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Mekong Joe

  • Weekly on Friday and Saturday
  • Starting on: 09/21/2012
  • Ending on: 09/26/2012
  • 07:00PM
  • $23/19


The show is running Friday, September 21 and Saturday, September 22 at 7pm and Sunday, September 23 at 2pm.

Ticket price: general admission $19 and premium admission $23

There is a discount on Sunday for military and students with proper ID.

To purchase tickets online go to:

or call the theater at: 760-366-3777

Once again I am adding the YouTube videos:


Behind the scenes trailer:

"Mekong Joe" is an all-ages, dramatic and emotional live theater presentation of the 100% true story of Joseph Tran Thanh Hai Wandell… performed by Joe himself. Joe, 6, and his brother, 9, are put up for adoption by their mother to escape Vietnam during the fall of Saigon because she feared for the safety of her children… each fathered by two different American GI's. Adopted by an American couple in Baltimore who were less than great at parenting, Joe leaves that house at 18 to find himself in Hollywood where his Amer-Asian appearance causes him to be cast as a Latino "gang banger" in feature films and TV. 30 years after the war, in a miracle that brought NBC Dateline with them, both men are tearfully reunited with their birth mother in Vietnam… at the very airport where they dodged sniper fire as children literally running for their lives. That Joe himself tells his own amazing life story makes for compelling drama relating the human side of the Vietnam War. That Joe Wandell the actor is funny and likeable while presenting that story makes “Mekong Joe” more than living history; it’s an evening of theater that speaks to our shared humanity.

“Mekong Joe” not only sheds a clear light on an often-forgotten corner of American history, it introduces us to a young man who survived a childhood distorted by war with humor, playfulness and resilience.

Juliet Wittman / WestWord Weekly

“Stajich’s writing sparkles with poetic turns of phrase and a solid sense of timing.”

Adam Goldstein / Aurora Sentinel

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