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Solid Ray Woods has impressed audiences at home and abroad with his

impeccable rhythm, intuitive style, and golden voice, lending his

talents to The Jayhawks, Victoria Williams, Tom Freund, and the

Thriftstore Allstars.


is a sound and feel to tradition that you can't invent on the spot.

One has to learn it. One has to inherit it. Solid Ray Woods has

inherited and learned the sounds of the past in order to take the

tradition of soul and rhythm into the future of a new American music.

Listen to his voice and his intuitive, and skillful drumming, and it's

easy to realize this new artist has the history of rhythm and blues,

gospel, and soul on his sleeve, and is able to create a new direction

for singer songwriters who sit behind the drum kit rather than the

guitar. Solid Ray began his steady presence in the Southern California

music scene and played with as many troubadours as he could. He made a

name for himself as a drummer who would show up at a open mic or sit in

on a gig with someone he had never met before and make the music sound rehearsed!

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