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Saturday, September 22

7:00 PM


Of course, BUTLER'S COFFEE acknowledges that not all conditions can be treated in ten-minute sessions, and that therapy -- much like life itself -- is a journey, not a destination. And that some patients' problems are more deeply rooted than others.

Which is why we offer more intensive sessions on Saturday nights for acts teetering on the edge. This Saturday, concerned citizens, friends and family are invited to attend a double intervention for two of our more vulnerable -- but entertaining -- acts.

First off, we'll be treating THE FUNNYBONES. This trombone-fixated quintet (give or take a few members) has been around the AV since the early 90's and further diagnosis is, so far, encouraging. They originally started out playing Christmas music but have progressed over the years to include Jazz, Classical and Hymns in their repertoire. Still, they've made some important breakthroughs lately, and -- with ongoing interventions -- a full musical recovery is expected.

Oh, that the same could be said for THE KEEFTOWNE BLEND. Survivors of assorted childhood traumas (the illegitimate offspring of Cheech & Chong and the Sons of the Pioneers who were later raised by psychotronic foster wolves), their aggravated multiple personality musical disorder has left them with a strange compulsion to play everything from Cab Calloway and Willie Nelson to Pink Floyd and *GASP!* show tunes. Despite repeated attempts at intervention on the part of Butler's dedicated staff and various pharmaceutical experimentation, much of it self-prescribed by the patients themselves, this scruffy quartet remain our biggest challenge. Fortunately, they seem genuinely benign and surprisingly mellow and pose only a danger to musical complacency.

But with the love and support of all in attendance, and the understanding that the best way to exorcize those demons may be to exercise them, both The Funnybones and The Keeftowne Blend will one day enjoy full musical stability.

Mental stability?

Meh. Not so much...

So come on down to Butlers and help us keep loonies off the streets, by giving them a safe environment to play in. Your support and prayers are always appreciated, by both the staff and the musicians.

* * * * *

For those of you who may have been in a musically-induced coma for the last four years or so, you ought to know that BUTLER'S COFFEE has become just about THE PLACE for the burgeoning acoustic music scene in the Antelope Valley, serving the musical needs of EVERYONE -- in fact, we were doing it back when it seemed everybody else had more or less given up on the idea. Trust us. We're professionals.

So it's gratifying to see so many imitators pop up recently.

But beware of quacks and well-meaning amateurs.! Why settle for a slapped together facsimile when the real thing is still here? Why settle for a mediocre, watery push-button brew when you can get handcrafted jolt of real java that'll take the top of your head off?

BUTLER'S offers not just great coffee but great music: our regular Saturday Showcases (2 acts, 45-minutes each), welcoming back old favorites and nurturing and supporting new talent. As well, we host occasional Friday Night shows, host Open Mics (10 minutes, anything goes), Java Jams (3-4 acts, 30 minute sets), and every month we play host to O.N. Improv (comedy!), the Antelope Valley Guitar Society (guitars!), That Literary Jam Thang (words!) and a Celtic Session (music go bragh!).

We don't do electric so much as eclectic. Yeah, eclectic. You can look it up...

We're conveniently located just down the road at 40125 10th St. West in beautiful downtown Palmdale, right next to Buffalo Wild Wings and just across the street from Wal-Mart. Our telephone number is 661-272-9530, and we're open seven days a week, serving up some of the finest java and light meals you're ever likely to swallow.

There's NEVER a cover charge at Butler's, but there IS a one purchase minimum; a small price to pay for great entertainment and full musical coverage, regardless of pre-existing conditions.

Wanna play? Contact out music guy and head shrink Dr. Kevin Burton Smith, at He's always looking for new talent and old favourites he can count on. If he said he'd get back in touch and he hasn't, NAG him.

Want more info on playing our Open Mics or our AVGS meetings? Head to the site at It's all there.

And keep an eye on our calendar. among other acts coming up in the next little while:

The Browne Sisters

John Zipperer & Friends

Banshee in the Kitchen

State Street

Goh Kurosawa

Modern Times


Butler's Annual Holiday Blow-Out

And so many others you'll plotz!

Tell 'em Dr. Feelgood sent ya!




Dr. Kevin Burton Smith, M.D, CDN

Butlers Coffee Music Guy

"Good honest coffee, good honest music."

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