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State Street and Goh Kurosawa

Categorized as: Nightlife & Entertainment
Event tags: Butler's, Coffee, Music, Palmdale


This Saturday, October 6, BUTLER'S COFFEE presents music from just around the corner, and from a planet far far away.

STATE STREET, the Flintstones and Rubbles of the AV music scene, are a local treasure and long-time Butler's faves; a quarter of multi-talented musicians whose easy-going blend of cool classic rock and thoughtful, striking originals goes down easy, but with enough grit, humour and good ol' passion to make it really interesting. You'll be tapping your foot and nodding your noggin in agreement (and maybe singing along) when Rick (guitar, vocals) and Sue (bass, vocals) Bell and Joanne (drums) and Randy (guitar, vocals) Sibole strut their stuff. You'll never quite know what they'll pull out of their musical bag of tricks when State Street plays, but you always know you'll have a yabba dabba do time, a dabba doo time, you'll have a gay old time. They'll not only rock you - -they may just rock your world.

Then, once you've got your head and your heart in the right place, composer/performer and arranger GOH KUROSAWA will take you where no man with a guitar has gone before. To say that Goh plays world music is like saying Salvador Dali painted clocks. What Goh really does is offer a gleeful, shape-shifting blend of classical, flamenco, bossa nova, jazz, folk, rock,Latin, Balkan, classical and some stuff that hasn't been classified yet, and bend and stretch them into something both traditional and eerily otherworldly, with an approach to guitar that involves not just picking and strumming but punching, slapping and scratching; a full-contact physical approach that would land him jn the penalty box if he were a hockey player. Goh's joy-filled musical journeys have taken him from his native Japan to Canada, the U.S., Europe, South Korea, Mexico, Taiwan and Brazil, and we're downright honoured that a musician of his calibre is once again gracing our tiny stage.

To see these two acts in as warm and intimate a setting as Butler's is a real treat, so get there early, grab a great cup of coffee, and settle in for a night of great music and good times.

Things kick off at seven, and you won't want to miss a bite.