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Blues for Willadean Premiere
meet and greet after the film


It’s no accident that Del Shores’ new film, BLUES FOR WILLADEAN, is premiering at theatres during Domestic Violence Awareness Month. The film, which chronicles the life of Willadean Winkler (Beth Grant), explores the hidden emotions, shame and secrecy that Willadean lives with as a victim of domestic violence. Shores’ unique style of story-telling creates a powerful, yet delicate blend of frightened humor and pain, as the film delves into the heart of Willadean’s abuse by her husband, J.D. (David Steen), drawing the audience into the fire, and allowing them to laugh one minute, then cry the next. Emotions explode on all sides, and from all perspectives – the abuser, the abused, and the powerless bystanders. BLUES FOR WILLADEAN is no tragedy, though. The film also offers hope, healing and truth.

BLUES FOR WILLADEAN is the screen adaptation of the NAACP, LA Drama Critics Circle, LA Weekly, Backstage Garland and LA Stage Ovation Alliance award-winning play, THE TRIALS AND TRIBULATIONS OF A TRAILER TRASH HOUSEWIFE, by Del Shores. It will have its national theatrical premiere at Laemmle’s Noho 7 on October 5th.

BLUES FOR WILLADEAN stars all five original cast members from the stage production (NAACP, LA Drama Critics Circle, LA Weekly, Backstage Garland and LA Stage Ovation Alliance award-winning play THE TRIALS AND TRIBULATIONS OF A TRAILER TRASH HOUSEWIFE), including SAG Award winner Beth Grant (The Artist, Rain Man, Donnie Darko, Little Miss Sunshine) as the title character, Golden Globe and Academy Award winner Octavia Spencer (The Help), Spirit Award winner Dale Dickey (Winter’s Bone), David Steen (Quentin Tarantino’s upcoming Django Unchained) and Billboard Dance recording artist Debby Holiday. All five actors have been performing these roles together since they read them aloud in Shores’ living room for the first time before the 2003 world premiere stage production. Their loyalty to Shores as they have continued to rise in prominence in the industry and the familiar chemistry they share with each other creates a unique honesty in this adaptation that is extremely loyal to the spirit of the original live production which received so many awards for the play, the director and all of the actors individually and as an ensemble.

BLUES FOR WILLADEAN is coming to Palm Springs for its Palm Springs Premiere at Camelot Theatres on Friday, October 12th. Del Shores, Beth Grant, David Steen, Dale Dickey and Debby Holiday will all be on hand for the 7pm screening, and for a Meet and Greet at the After Party, which is being held at ENCORE Supper Club. Those wishing to make a donation to the National Coalition Against Domestic Violence (NCADV) will be able to do so as they exit the theatre.

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