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Vintage Tiger Squadron Fighter Airplanes Land at Palm Springs Air Museum


Five Vintage Tiger Squadron Fighter Aircraft will land at the Palm Springs Air Museum before departing at 5:40 PM (after the Museum closes) to do a brief flight over downtown Palm Springs and the AOPA (Aircraft Owners & Pilots’ Association) show. Three of the planes will depart for home after the Fly-Over. Two of the pilots will return to the Palm Springs Air Museum at approximately 6:30 PM so they can attend the AOPA events that evening. The two planes will depart Saturday morning, estimated time of departure unknown.

Museum admission ranges from $8 - $15. The Palm Springs Air Museum is located at 745 N. Gene Autry Trail, Palm Springs; and is an educational non-profit organization whose mission is to preserve, educate and honor our veterans. Over 28 flyable planes and interactive exhibits are housed in 75,000 square feet of climate-controlled hangars; 760-778-6262.

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