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October 25, 2012

Some things are just meant to be. Birds are born to fly, politicians

were born to lie, big fat guys with giant beards were born to ride their

machines without getting hassled by the man, and Carolyn Mark was born

to make music.

Ever since first taking to the stage as Templeton

the rat in her elementary school's musical version of Charlotte's Web,

show business has been the main driving force in Carolyn's life. In the

early 90's, after coming to the obvious conclusion that musicians were

much more fun to hang around with than actors, Carolyn formed her first

band... all-girl surfy twang popsters, The Vinaigrettes. This was the

beginning of a long love affair with music, musicians and the road that,

even after 15+ years of crazy hard work, still puts the nitro in her

funny car.

After the Vinaigrettes, Carolyn did brief stints in

such bands as The Metronome Cowboys and The Fixin's before, in 2000,

making her Mint Record debut with her first solo album, Party Girl.

Since then, and with the help of a revolving cast of Can-Country super

stars including, but not limited to, Tolan McNeil, Garth Johnson, Ford

Pier, Nathan Tinkham, Corb Lund, NQ Arbuckle, Luke Doucet, Amy Honey,

Greg MacDonald, Neko Case, and Carey Mercer, she has released many more

highly acclaimed albums.

As well, she has also travelled

thousands of miles entertaining crowds of 4 to 4000... touring Canada,

the United States, the UK, Norway, and Italy. She has shared the stage

with such talented musicians as Jenny Whitely, Hank&Lily, Luther

Wright, Sarah Harmer, Kelly Hogan, Lederhosen Lucil, Geoff Berner, Joel

Plaskett, The Handsome Family, Neil Hamburger, JT and The Clouds, The

Shiftless Rounders, NQ Arbuckle, Wanda Jackson, The Waco Brothers, The

Sadies, and Blue Rodeo.

July 2, 2007 marked the release of

Carolyn Mark's 6th Mint album, Nothing Is Free, described by Carolyn as

her "woodsy, introspective album". Appropriately enough, Nothing Is Free

was recorded by Myke Hall at Beaver Point Hall (between visits from the

ladies drum circle and a teenage karate class) on British Columbia's

scenic Salt Spring Island. Along for the ride was guitar virtuoso Paul

Pigat (Cousin Harley), guitar and mandolin heavyweight Paul Rigby (Neko

Case), expert vocalist Emilie Rhone (Fishing Derby, Antler), and

vivacious violinist Diona Davies (Po' Girl, Geoff Berner, ESL).

Additional help was ably rendered by Allison Russell and Awna Teixeira

of Po' Girl and the mythical Calvin Dick (Neckbeard).

In October

of 2009, she released a collaboration with NQ Arbuckle called Let's Just

Stay Here. The album was received by some of her highest acclaim yet,

garnering a Juno nomination for Roots & Traditional Album Of The

Year and landing in the top 10 on PopMatters' Best Country Music of 2009

list. Of the album's 12 songs: 6 were originals by Carolyn Mark, 3 were

originals by NQ Arbuckle, and remaining 3 were hand picked cover songs

chosen for the important places they occupy in each musician's personal

cosmology... or maybe just because they liked them. Co-conspirators for

the album included The Kesper Twins, John Dinsmore (bass, wine glasses),

Corb Lund (mandolin), Lily Fawn (musical saw), Jenny Whiteley

(harmonies), and Miranda Mullholland (violin).

Ever the prolific

songstress, she found time later on in 2009 to put together a special

tour-only CD with her roommate Tolan McNeil. The Sound of the Tone -

Echoes from the Last Resort featured a mix of eccentric new songs and

bizarre answering machine messages. After strong sales on the road, that

album subsequently became available through iTunes and the Mint Records


"Carolyn Mark is a headstrong singer with wanderlust and

critical-thinking skills that she exercises in songs that never settle

for easy answers." - Dave Heaton, PopMatters


there’s no roots-country chanteuse as engaging as Mark, whose

well-intentioned banter is capable of making even the sourest puss at a

show crack a smile." - Exclaim

"Whether she lands on her feet, or ass-over-teakettle, Mark always sounds like she's having fun." - No Depression Magazine

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people up on their feet, yelling, drinking and singing along to their

original songs since 2008.

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