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Donna the Buffalo


$15 GENERAL ADMISSION tickets are available at P&H 760 365 5956

or by clicking on this link

Donna the Buffalo's feel-good, groove-oriented, danceable and

often socially conscious music all began over twenty years ago with

roots in old time fiddle music that evolved into a soulful electric

Americana mix infused with elements of cajun/ zydeco, rock, folk,

reggae, and country. Donna the Buffalo is known for touring the country

remaining fiercely independent as one of the industry’s most diverse

roots-music bands and has "earned a reputation as one of the most

respected, eclectic and hardest-working acts today," praises Encore.

"Donna the Buffalo is in the enviable position of being a homegrown

entity, a group that finds itself outside the coloring lines of the

accepted formula, a formula that is now in the past tense...People doing

what they love, and better, sharing that passion to the benefit of the

public, is the strongest business formula ever written. Donna the

Buffalo is living proof of that." states Beat Magazine. The Nashville

Scene writes, "Folkies with a superior sense of rhythm are rare enough,

but folkies with a good beat and a healthy disrespect for eclectic

clichés are a national treasure....they’ve never sounded better..."

The dynamic songwriting tandem of vocalists Jeb Puryear and Tara

Nevins have penned over 180 songs in their collaboration with DTB and

have many more in the making. Although never writing a set list for live

show, the Erie Times notes, "they stick to a pattern...usually

alternating between Puryear’s rhythmic, Dylan-influenced,

guitar-centered songs and Nevins’ breezy, melodic, accordion-driven gems

like the folksy Tides of Time and infectious Locket and Key.” As of

late, Nevins and Puryear have also been known to perform as a duo on air

and on select songs at live shows, which is always enjoyable to the

fans to hear their favorite DtB songs in stripped down arrangements.

Donna the Buffalo has been working on a 10th album with Puryear on

guitar, Nevins on fiddle, guitar, accordion, and scrubboard, keyboardist

Dave McCracken, bassist Kyle Spark, and drummer Mark Raudabaugh.

Donna the Buffalo has released nine albums and are affiliated with

several others, including a Puryear’s 2007 solo album Hopes and Dreams

and a 2003 release, Wait Til Spring, with Jim Lauderdale. The band's

2008 release Silverlined, on Sugar Hill, rose to #8 on the Americana

Music Chart. Nevins released Wood and Stone, produced by Larry Campbell

in the Levon Helm Studios in 2011 on Sugar Hill Records; it was her

first solo album since Mule to Ride in 1999.

Donna the Buffalo's fervent fan base, self-named The Herd, follows

the band with zeal and has created a unique and supportive community

online and at DTB shows across the nation. Puryear declares, "The main

thing I like to say about The Herd is that you don’t have to do anything

to be a member. You just have to like a song." In an interview with The

Roanoke Times, Nevins conveys, "It’s a great feeling to promote such a

feeling of community, like you’re really part of something that’s

happening, like a movement or a positive force...All those people that

come and follow you and you recognize them and you become friends with

them — you’re all moving along for the same purpose. It is powerful.

It’s very powerful, actually.” When asked in an interview with the

Weekender in PA what new people should look forward to experiencing at a

show, Nevins replied “a really friendly, comfortable crowd, and a real

community-oriented, positive experience.”

As an extension of this community and the band's own dedication to

live roots music, Donna started, and are still the driving force behind,

the 20+ year old Finger Lakes Grassroots Festival of Music and Dance in

Trumansburg, NY, the bi-annual Shakori Hills Grassroots Festival in

Silk Hope, NC and February 2012 marks the first year for the Virginia

Key Grassroots Festival in Florida. DtB are regulars at MerleFest (NC),

Suwanee Springfest&Magnolia Fest (FL), All Good (WV), Floyd Fest

(VA), The Great Blue Heron Festival (PA), Del Fest (MD), Targhee

Bluegrass Fest (WY) and a variety of other venues and festivals across

the nation.

Over the years and through their travels, Donna the Buffalo as a band

and its individual members have had the opportunity to play music with

and/or record with musicians such as Jim Lauderdale, Preston and Keith

Frank, Railroad Earth, Bela Fleck, John Paul Jones, Bill Kreutzmann, The

Avett Bothers, Del McCoury, Tim O'Brien, Pete Wernick, Abigail

Washburn, Mamadou Diabate, Los Lobo, Rusted Root, Claire Lynch, David

Hidalgo, The Duhks and Amy Helm, just to name a few.

With over twenty years to celebrate, hundreds of gigs ahead of them,

and an ever-evolving grassroots sound; it looks like Donna the Buffalo

is riding a cloud that is truly Silverlined.

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