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Book Signing and Native talk
w/ live music!


Join us Friday November 2nd from 12:00p.m. to 7:00pm for a special “Meet the Author” – Book Signing event featuring 4 Local authors and guest performance by Soul Pattern Project!

New York, NY – Oct 26, 2012 – Barnes & Noble, Inc. (NYSE: BKS), the world’s largest bookseller, has invited:


Mr. Downer is a wildlife ecologist/former BLM agent turned whistle blower.

He is the president of the Andean Tapir Fund and wildhorse advocate

A board member of the Cloud Foundation (Wildhorse advocacy group)

A member of the World Conservation Union and The Species Survival Commission.


A local author / writer that wrote a book on the Native-American slave trade he also teaches his story


Wolf Mountain Sanctuary in Lucerne Valley California is a rescue that is dedicated to educating the public and bringing attention to the plight and slaughter of wolves here in America and all over the world.

Some of her wolves are celebrities since they have been featured in some major Hollywood film productions. Her main objective might be saving wolves, but she also has a big heart and saves domestic animals like dogs, cats and local wildlife like chipmunks, injured rabbits and other animal or creature that may come along needs help.


A local author and writer that doesn’t let any grass grow under her feet as she has 11 books now selling on and has 3 more books ready to be released soon. Besides being an author and writer to add to her credits she is also a recoded musician. More than just an author, writer and musician she also brings pride to the Native American community as she is known as the Chippewa Desert writer.


Prominently known for exposing the government agencies that are spending millions of tax dollars to wage war on our wildlife.

Part-time Actor and retired law enforcement agent, former Greenpeace representative and now United Staes representative for Union Members for the Preservation of Wildlife (An underground animal rights organization that is dedicated to saving wildlife in America and all over the world).

Randall has the honor of sitting on several Native American boards like Native Americans for Social Justice, Roswell, NM; Native American Animal Rights Movement (NAARM). He sits on the Wolf Mountain Sanctuary board, Member of the Ghostdancer Church and has been asked to sit on the White Buffalo Society’s board out of Vancouver British Columbia.

An outspoken advocate for wildlife since the early 70’s and is a common face on local TV news and covered by news media from California to Canada. He has been on numerous radio shows and recently written up in a New York magazine Indian Country Today and a local magazine” the Desert Sun Runner.


Independently produced and distributed Soul Pattern Project is enjoying 3 Pacific Northwest, 1 Rocky Mountain Summer Tours, a CD release “Soul Injection,” worldwide digital distribution, and 2 video releases in just the past year alone and is back in the studio for a new 2013 CD release.

Featuring: Southern California recording artist, singer/songwriter Maggie Vee and producer/musician Nathan Paul. When playing live, Soul Pattern Project is known for taking audiences to the edge of the sublime with original songs that are divinely inspired. Described as a new sound, the music can at any one time be jazzy, bluesy and country in root morphing itself to an independent alternative folk flurry.