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Gwyneth & Monko & Christian Lee Hutson (of The Driftwood Singers)!
free show!


Gwyneth & Monko & Christian Lee Hutson (of The Driftwood Singers)! free

November 14, 2012

Gwyneth&Monko are on the move in more ways than one. In the past

two years alone, they’ve driven over 60,000 miles and played over 250

shows while living out of their Volkswagon Van and camping out in

Walmart Supercenter parking lots as well as driveways of friends and

strangers alike. In the fall of 2010, amidst tours to the southwest and

northwestern U.S., they were able to fit in time to record at Old School

Studio in northern California. Gwyneth&Monko’s self titled album

came out Febraury 15, 2011 and reflects the style the pair has

cultivated on the road: somewhere between folky acoustic and indie rock.

As a way of documenting their tours, Moreland

has been doing small watercolor sketches after shows and posting them on

their blog. “It’s become a fun way for our fans to participate in what

we do on a nightly basis. They can see snapshots of where we go and

characters we meet along the way,” explains Moreland. You can view the

tour journal at

With the release of Gwyneth&Monko, they have been keeping up the

pace with their national tour circuits and plan on continuing that

trend. Fans of their previous record will still find their sound heavily

influenced by old-timey and Americana. Lyrical stories weave their way

through the album and are made intimate by Moreland’s vocal stylings and

Monko’s intricate instrumentation, which fans have grown to love. “We

were excited to bring in guest musicians on pedal steel, bass and drums

for this project” says Moreland “and we both play an array of

instruments that we didn’t play on the Good Old Horse EP, including

Electric guitar

The Driftwood Singers unassumingly take the stage and sing songs that could have been written ages ago but were more likely

written in

the last few weeks. Barely in their 20′s, The Driftwood Singers are

prolific writers immersed in the folk tradition building on songs and

stories that at their heart are observations of the human condition in

all it’s gruesome variations and beautiful splendor.

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