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The Colurs and Seasons in concert


Channeling an eclectic body of influences, The Colurs combine contemporary pop production with the songwriting aesthetics of Brian Wilson, Todd Rundgren, and The Beatles, and lush orchestral arrangements reminiscent of scores by Frank Churchill and Oliver Wallace

(from Disney’s Alice In Wonderland, Bambi, etc.), to create a fresh new sound.

Max Townsley and Drew Erickson joined forces in 2011 and converted an old house in Denton, Texas into a full recording studio, where they

completed their unreleased debut EP. Both multi-instrumentalists, the two played all primary parts on the record and composed an accompanying

orchestral score, commissioning musicians from the metroplex to form The Colurs Orchestra, a crew of young, talented string and horn players.

The Colurs write, produce, arrange, and mix all of their music.

Highland Park's Seasons really pile on the shimmering keyboards, fuzz-heavy guitars, saturated synths, loads of effects pedals and an occasional beating laptop, accordion or harmonica riffing in the background. Their

sound is full and showy, building up to great heights then lilting low into soft, cuddly breakdowns."- Wendy Gilmartin (LA WEEKLY)

This Highland Park based band plays a tender yet voluminous brand of indie rock, combining winding guitar riffs and Colin Meloy-esque vocals with a veritable forest of carefully arranged

flourishes. the Synthesizers, keyboards, percussion and violin never overpower the basic emotional appeal tha runs throughout the newest EP "Winter" instead serving to create a sweetly melancholy atmosphere in which you can easily float away."


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