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The Kopecky Family Band


Like all families, Kopecky Family Band beats

with the same heart and writes in the same blood. Whilst the band might

not share actual familial bonds, the ties that keep this Nashville

6-piece together are just as strong.

The Family began creating music together in Nashville in

Fall 2007. What began as late night talks about life and dreams

gradually flowed into eccentric, beautiful music. Kelsey and Gabe

settled on the name (Kelsey’s last name lent itself well to a sort of

‘family band’ name), and recruited their friends to join the fold.

Gabe (guitar, vocals) and Kelsey (vocals, keys) lead the

family, along with Steven (lead guitar), Corey (bass), Markus (cello),

and David (drums). The music is emotive, the lyrics evoking raw honesty

and vulnerability. The band will undoubtedly capture your attention with

their unmistakable power and presence. The sounds created by the

booming and orchestral-like 6-piece challenge the listener’s ear and yet

offer sweet melodies to sing along with. You’ll be dancing up a storm

by the end of a Kopecky set, and perhaps also be holding a maraca or


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