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Celebrate The End of The World Party w/ DEVIL STIL!
730pm free


Celebrate The End of The World Party w/ DEVIL STIL! 730pm free

December 20, 2012

Devil Stil is a band of dry magnitude, when the dust settles off

the corduroy and boots you hear the sounds of gutsy twangy rock with

it’s muscled two guitar front men, Eric Nevis and Mike Nankervis. Lead

by front man John McLellan who’s wailing vocals and deep dark lyrics

whittle stories of heartbreak, love ache and general malice, the

pounding rhythms of Tim Wolfe on bass and Mark Grden on drums, bring in

the back beat wrapping up the whole thing. Appalachian undertones and

country themes are intertwined throughout.

The band has played numerous times at Pappy and Harriet’s to sold out

crowds (for a Thursday night ) and was recently in the studio recording

some tunes for an up coming EP, they have recorded at Red Barn

Recorders with Producer Mario Maisonnave and Engineer Gar Robertson

using Wally Ingram on the drums for the recording session and Johnette

Napalitano on the back up vocals. Also their songs can be heard on the

local Joshua Tree radio station KCDZ 107.7. Devil Stil is an emerging

band looking for the right place to land and open a can of whoop ass of

musical tenure. They have hopes of heading back into the studio to

finish recording some songs. Devil Stil is a no holes barred ruckus of a

band dishing out some hot tunes.

PS: Join

Suzanne Huff, Norm Schiel, Lisa Thompson&Jeff Drozd to ring in

their birthday on Thursday the 20th of December, 2012. Their birthday

is the next day on the 21st the same day that people are predicting the

end of the world based on the Maya calendar. Come anytime you like

after 7pm but stay until after midnight and experience 12/21/12 at Pappy

and Harriets, if you survive, you can then go home after midnight. We

do not have a reserved area but if we get alot of people to commit early

enough they can plan for us properly and we can all just hang out.

Please, NO gifts and you are on your own as far as ordering food and

beverages this is not catered, this is just for a great memorable

evening on this earth shattering night. I hope you can join us for this

plethora of fun..

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