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A Little Murder Never Hurt Anybody

Categorized as: Performing Arts & Dance
Event tags: theater, 29 Palms, Theater 29

  • Weekly on Friday and Saturday
  • Starting on: 06/01/2012
  • Ending on: 06/06/2012
  • 07:00PM
  • $12-8


In "A Little Murder Never Hurt Anybody" It's New

Year's Eve at the Perry mansion, Julia and

Matthew Perry seem to have it all, but Matthew

wants something more -- to be rid of his wife,

Julia, so he can have some real fun! He resolves

to murder Julia by the New Year's end, and tells

her so. She vows to stay alive, and tells him so. And so the game begins.

A hilarious year-long match of wits and the

witless. While Julia cleverly dodges Matthew's

devious murder attempts, the Perry friends and

staff are dying off mysteriously. It seems

Matthew is successful in murdering everyone but

Julia. As the bodies are falling, dim-witted

daughter Bunny contemplates calling off her

wedding to unwitting Donald since all the

intended gift-bearing guests are dying. Enter

Detective Plotnik, a Sam Spade reincarnation who

suspects everyone, but hasn't a clue. That is,

not until Donald stumbles upon Julia and

gentlemanly butler Buttram in what Donald

mistakenly perceives as a compromising situation.

Donald jumps to the conclusion that Julia is the

murderer -- trying to murder Matthew! "A Little

Murder Never Hurt Anybody" is homage to the

screwball comedies of the 30's and 40's.

Wright, who made his directorial debut at Theatre

29 with "Pinocchio" last season, has assembled a

very talented cast of veterans of Theatre 29 for this production.

Playing Matthew Perry, a man who from birth has

had more dollars than sense, is Tom Highfill,

last seen in "Barbecuing Hamlet". Playing

Buttram, the family butler for many years, though

convinced he is above being a butler, is Marv

Schmelling. Matthew's wife, Julia Perry, a

classy, intelligent woman who loves her husband

despite his many faults, will be played by Cheryl

Gillon. Matthew and Julia's sweet, but

dim-witted and deeply shallow daughter, Bunny

Perry, is played by Lauren Schmelling. Donald,

Bunny's fiancée, is very earnest, and very much

in love with Bunny, despite her lack of savvy, is

played by Chris Fleishman. Rounding out the cast

as Plotnik, a witless detective, who fancies

himself a cynical gumshoe, but lacks the savvy to

locate, let alone solve, a crime, is Jericho McWilliams.

"A Little Murder Never Hurt Anybody" plays at

7:00 pm Friday and Saturday nights May 4 - June

2, with a Thursday performance at 7:00 PM May

17th, and a Sunday Matinee at 2:30 PM May 27th.

Tickets are available now online at or by calling the Theatre 29

box office at 760-361-4151. Ticket prices are $12

for adults; $10 for seniors and military; and $8 for students.

Theatre 29 is located at 73637 Sullivan Road,

(right around the corner from Barr Lumber) in the City of Twentynine Palms.

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