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007 and the Souls

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long time ago in a garage far, far away, three fresh-faced teenagers decided to start a band. Powered by Sears (amplifiers), and inspired by

The Beatles and Stones with hefty doses of Southern California surf music, two Marine brats and a local desert boy launched an energy that

has lasted for decades. This energy continues to entertain and connect people. This is 007&The Souls.

The instrumental sound of 007 & The Souls

is anchored by a rock-solid rhythm section featuring a drummer who literally never stopped playing from his freshman year to today.

Layered over that, are the twin lead guitars of two accomplished musicians who have continued to perfect the craft from their first surf

lick to today’s most intricate delicate harmonies. And just to keep them street legal, the band tracked down their original keyboard player,

now a retired Superior Court judge!

But what sets this band apart from every other ‘retro’ band is that whether it’s Beatles, Byrds, Buffalo Springfield, Animals, Rolling Stones, Kinks, or even Elvis or Jimi Hendrix, 007 & The Souls bring a truly unique approach to the iconic songs of the 60's and

70's. They’re done with respect, but the band isn’t afraid to offer their own interpretations to the great rock songs of the era.

007 & The Souls are:

Joe Deleski-guitar & vocals, Mark Westcott-guitar & vocals, Tom

Wilcox-drums & vocals, Rick Grandi-bass & vocals, His Honor Rob

Taylor on keyboards, and Sonic Guru/Audio Avatar Pete Carlson.

Their shows focus on connecting with the audience, entertainment,

danceability, and FUN! You’ll be shaken…, and stirred!!

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