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The Whispering Pines
free show!


8pm: WHISPERING PINES! free show!

January 25, 2013

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Hold on to your beards. These roots-rockers will take you in a lot of

different directions (Southern rock, honky-tonk, classic rock), but they

always come back to the combination of dark-twanging guitar and

gravely vocals that, against all odds, give these songs polish. The

lyrics stray away from cliche, the instrumental sections are wide-open

but not overly so, and though the entirety of this album will have you

wondering how an act that should have been touring with the Allman

Brothers back in '73 somehow got transported to modern Los Angeles, you

won't have to worry about things slipping into tribute territory. This

is solid rock, and it stands alone as such.

By the summer of 2008, the Whispering Pines were now established

as a local attraction in the small Los Angeles community of Echo Park.

A place with a subtle rock and roll pedigree of its own, Echo Park has

been sung about by Warren Zevon, Jackson Browne, and Steve Young,

inhabited by future ‘Eagles’, and frequented by Gram Parsons to only

skim the surface. Whispering Pines too found it a suitable environment

in which to dig into their music and that they did, coming up with a

good amount of original material in a short amount of time. After a few

months of ‘wood shedding’ in their small studio, David Burden made

arrangements with his friend, musician/producer Jason Soda to record the

band. They went into the late, great, singer/songwriter Elliot Smith’s

resurrected Van Nuys, CA recording studio and cut a full length album.

Sonic inspiration having always been derived from the old LPs they had

spent years collecting, Whispering Pines knew that they had to have a

recorded sound as vintage as their tastes. Jason Soda’s production and

Elliot Smith’s funky analog studio were perfectly suited to give them

just that.


debut album, called 'Family Tree', was self-released in January of

2010. Fantastic reviews from underground media at home and abroad and

respectable independent sales followed. A national summer tour was

booked and every date diligently seen through. Whispering Pines, by

this time, we're becoming very comfortable together and confident as

live performers. Alot of club work followed throughout the west coast

and the southwest where the band learned how not only to play a tight

'showcase' set of their original material, but also to keep a roadhouse

audience on the dance floor for hours, all the while auditioning fresh

material with the thought of beginning work on a follow up record. A

successful 'Kickstarter' campaign and careful budgeting got a second

record underway.

It is now 2012, after nearly a year in

production, Whispering Pines' Self Titled album is completed. The band

brings a new confidence derived from their performing experiences as

well as a more focused sense of identity and purpose. Sounding

comfortable in their own skins, they continue to stretch out

stylistically and embrace their idiosyncrasies. Songs reveal concise

arrangements, ragged-but-right vocals, and mastery of vintage-inspired

style. The albums song sequence is designed with an ebb and flow that

adds further cohesion to the material and weaves the four singers and

their songs together in a naturally appealing way. Again, in keeping with the bands analog and tape recording preferences, the album was


and mixed by Mark Rains at his Station House studio in Echo Park as

well as with Jason Soda at New Monkey. Additionally, the private

recording studio of Soda's band Everest was employed for some overdubs.

Whispering Pines are grateful for all of the support and enthusiasm

they're received thus far, are eager to carry on in style, and are

gearing up to make sure their new creation is heard.

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