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TV Mike and the Scarecrows
and the Blank Tapes



February 3, 2013

TV Mike and the Scarecrows are outsiders with insight. With one foot in

the same Bay Area bayou that the Fogerty brothers once walked and the

other foot in, well, the same Bay Are bayou that birthed The Dead, these

mostly-Hoosier transplants have been known to make a stir from

Mendocino to the San Joaquin to every honky-tonk and hipster bar in

between. With Swagger to spare they steer a course between Beachwood

Sparks' cosmic-country and the more trad. bluegrass leanings of The

Avett Brothers, both with whom they have shared stages. Spittin Cursive

is the product of their kitchen gatherings and freewheelin' travels on

the California gold dust circuit. The name is cleverly suggestive of the

band's chemistry: wild and civil, at once crude and sophisticated, both

of the body and of the mind. TV Mike, who cut his songwriting teeth on

several solo national tours and as front man to The Pious Companion,

further proves his wit with playful lyrical twists like this from

"Beetle Bailey Burner": "Beetle Bailey burner, mustache machete, why do

all your riches turn to confetti/ With your high rope walker, tight rope

tower, why's that brine got to be so sour?" De Delarosa adds soulful

vocal support to The Scarecrows while Emery Barter and Charlie Knote on

bass and drums respectively, keep these rad news bears in rhythm. Toby

Oler , banjo, and Matt Lundquist, guitar, color both inside and outside

the lines, rounding out this high-spirited clan of the canned beer. TV

Mike and the Scarecrows like it fast and loose. They like to clap and

dance and hope to burn a barn or two each time out, no matter what

elected official might be in earshot. Their songs paint simple stories

of hearts and pines in the incandescent light of another Saturday night.

Nate Baker

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