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Pretty Little Demons!
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Little Demons is what happens when two seasoned pros get together to

form a band. The girls met at School of Rock North Hollywood during a

2012 spring break camp. 11 yo Lydia Night(Dead Man's Bones) had been

singing, songwriting and playing guitar for 6 years. Marlhy Murphy (We're

Not Dudes, Zeppos) was already one of the best young drummers in the

country at just 9. Ethan

Allen(BRMC, Donita Sparks, Gram Rabbit) produced their debut EP at

Hicksville Trailer Palace in Joshua Tree. "Flowers" will be released in February 2013

with album cover art by Rob Reger(Emily the Strange.) The girls raised

the money(over $4500) on kickstarter, wrote 5 of the 7 songs and played

all instruments themselves. The songs range from such heavy subjects as

addiction and death to traffic and daisies. The

girls are now 12 and 10 and excited about returning to Pappy&

Harriet's and their upcoming shows in Austin during SXSW.

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