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Jackson Tanner and Jeff Crosby


"Jackson Tanner is an unapologetic pop-country band -- their songs

"Baseball Field" and "Bartender" sound like they would be right at home

next to Brad Paisley on a country radio top 20 countdown. The best song

of their set was "My Kind Of Crazy", which lead singer Brian McGinnis

(who with his cap tucked low over his eyes looked like he would be right

at home on a shooting range or driving a tractor) admitted was about

his girlfriend. It was a moment of rough and tumble tenderness."

-LA Weekly

Jeff Crosby is a 25 year old singer/songwriter and multi-instrumentalist transplanted from Idaho to Los Angeles.

Although you'd never know it from his playing, Crosby

wasn't born with a guitar in his hands. When Jeff first picked up a

guitar at the age of 14, he knew from that first touch of the strings

that he was in love. He began playing with the local folks on the back

porches of Donnelly, ID, and by the following year, he had played it so

much that he had worn the frets off. You can still hear those 'back

porch' influences in his country infused rock music today.

Crosby's performing chops were cut in his late teens,

when he would sneak (sometimes in vain) into every smoke filled bar from

Boise, ID to Portland, OR to get gigs. These days of well spent youth

paid off, and by the age of 21, Crosby was fronting psych-rock jammers,

Equaleyes, and touring year-round.

By 2010 Jeff was ready to switch gears and showcase his

songwriting. 2011's self-titled LP, Jeff Crosby, is a gem that invokes

the greatest singer/songwriters. Performer Magazine called it, "The

right addition to any singer/songwriter fan's collection." Crosby's

rich, hook filled music and his smooth vocals combine with poignant

lyrics to make each track its own gem.

His new EP, "Silent Conversations", is a five song

introspective journey of self discovery that charts Jeff's changes in

latitude, the culture shock of moving to Los Angeles from small town

Idaho, friends and lovers that were left behind, and the discovery of

new ones. Stand out songs include the stand-out track "This Old Town"

which charts Jeff's journeys and the dreams that got him there, as well

as the dreams of the people he met along the way. There's also the

gorgeous title track, "Silent Conversations," which was written while

standing in the doorway of a catholic church in Colombia during a

torrential downpour.

Look for "Silent Conversations" to drop in Feb. 2013.

Crosby will be touring in support of the new album throughout the next

year with his band The Refugees which features Will Prescott on drums,

Daniel "The Hawk" Blumenfeld on keyboards, and new addition, (Jeff's

brother) Andrew Crosby on bass guitar.

"Drawing from The Byrds, The Beatles, Crosby Stills

and Nash, James Taylor and other icons of rock, folk and country rock,

Crosby uses these influences to help sketch the outlines. The finish

paintings are all his own."

- S. Victor Aaron (

"The right addition to any singer/songwriter fan's collection"

- Kat Koffin on Jeff's self-titled release (Performer Magazine)

"Ace guitarpicking technique, a flawlessly soulful voice and young Gregg Allman looks."

"Honest-to-goodness straight-up rock with passion, tunefulness and purpose."

- S. Victor Aaron (

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