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The Farmers


They sound like Bo Diddly, CCR, Joe South, and the Yardbirds, ham fisted

into a food processor, stuffed into a shotgun shell, and blasted into a

beer keg at three in the morning… in Faron Young’s rumpus room.

Yeah-That’s it!

It all started with Jerry Raney’s desperate youth as a hellion, blowin’

‘round El Centro California. Between stealing onions from farmers in

Holtville and walking cross ties to Brawley, Jerry started hanging out

in various hobo camps, learning the guitar. After sponging up as much as

he could, more was needed. A move west in search of Rebels, Rogues, and

Renegades. He found ‘em… It was San Diego… and the Beat Farmers were

born! Over the years, the Beat Farmers turned into the Farmers, and lost

a couple of fixtures along the way. County Dick in '95 and Buddy Blue

in '06.

With guitars in hand and ghosts ridin’ with ‘em, the Farmers ROCK ON,

with Jerry Raney, Bongo Kmak, Chris Sullivan, and Corbin Turner.

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