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Shawn Mafia & The 10 Cent Thrills!


8pm: Shawn Mafia & The 10 Cent Thrills!

March 14, 2013

Spawned from the dark recesses of Southern California’s Mojave desert,

Shawn Mafia has been successfully brewing his own bombastic and

bamboozling brand of lyrical and musical elixir for years. With a unique

and definitive sound, self described as “rock noir” and “depression era

modern”, he is one of those rare singer-songwriter/entertainers that

completes the total-package-trinity of compelling performer, offbeat

composer, and literary lyrical madman. With a short career that has

already spanned three albums, most notably his recent release, Dust Bowl

Anarchy on Sadistic Trendz Media, Mafia has been described by the

Desert Post Weekly as having “the persona of a Carney Barker's bastard

preacher son out in front of a sideshow tent! Mafia is on a mission to

tell stories you might not want to hear, about people you never wanted

to meet." Working as an Undertaker to earn extra blood money to fund his

musical endeavors, Shawn Mafia could be literally and figuratively

described as having one foot in the grave and the other in the show biz

spotlight. With his deadly eye intent on becoming one of the most

important emerging artists of the 21st century, Mafia will be performing

extensively in support of his recent album release, Dust Bowl Anarchy

(2009). A collection of tunes that find new expression for the timeless

forms of rock, gospel, country, blues, and even pop. Armed with a

stripped down, backing ensemble composed of lead guitar, bass, and drums

(as well as the occasional guest appearance by blues harp legend John

“Juke” Logan) his live performances are a bizarre hybrid of neo-noir

theatrics and barn burning foot stompers that captivate and capitulate

audiences of all ages. The tall, dark and shadowy figure of Shawn Mafia,

with his signature three day stubble and tattered, stingy brimmed

fedora, is a throwback to a time when self-styled street tough rebels

were all the rage. In a music industry nullified and negated with safe,

sculpted and shallow artists propped up in the sole pursuit of turning a

quick buck we are left without any real artists of substance,

integrity, and true grit. A cavalcade of innumerable bands, songwriters

and performers preaching to the same tired choir. Mixing, matching and

amalgamating the best of older genres with no real nod to originality.

Perhaps the most we can hope for is an original voice. Shawn Mafia has

the potential to be that voice.

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