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Sara Petite


5pm: The Shadow Mountain Band 8pm: SARA PETITE!

March 16, 2013

Sara Petite makes her home in San Diego

and has grown quite a following, not just locally but worldwide. With

the release of her new CD Doghouse Rose, she hopes to expand on the

notoriety she earned with her first two independent CDs Tiger Mountain

and Lead the Parade.

Sara Petite's website bio states that she learned to sing country music

in her hometown of Summer, Washington by listening to Dolly Parton and

Loretta Lynn. Singing along with her sister, they would perform for

family and friends, mimicking the vocal inflections of their idols,

Parton and Lynn, and it's evident in her style.

But it's not just her voice, or her award-winning songwriting, or her

band. It's the whole package. And on top of that, you can just tell how

much fun she is having performing from the moment she hits the stage

(Crazy) to the final note of the final song (Promiseland). Her smile is

infectious. Just looking around, everyone in the crowd is doing

something. Some dancing, some nodding their heads with the music, some

singing along, but everyone is smiling. She has that effect.

Every song tells a story, and she shares many of them in between songs.

Like the bluegrass ditty Little House, which she tells the inspiration

she drew from her visit to Paris, and the small accommodations she

shared while there. Bootleggers tells of running moonshine with her

sister on Tiger Mountain, which is not only the title of her first CD,

but also the emotional home of her family in Washington state.

It won't be long before Sara Petite is the headliner, and another

up-and-coming artist will be able to say "Remember when we opened for

Sara Petite?".

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