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L.A. Artist + Holocaust Survivor Kalman Aron and Author Susan B. Magee discuss their new book "INTO THE LIGHT: The Healing Art of Kalman Aron."
Presentation, Reception & Book-signing


Join Author Susan Beilby Magee for a riveting presentation of renowned artist Kalman Aron’s emergence from the ashes of the Holocaust and his life-long exploration of the nature of humankind, his own humanity and the mystery of life—on canvas. Author Magee will reveal how Aron resolved fundamental life issues: How does one respond to the extremes of human brutality? What happens to the rage, sorrow and despair? Does one chose to remember, forgive, and heal? Following the presentation, Kalman Aron and Susan Beilby Magee will take questions from the audience.

Surviving four years in the Holocaust, Kalman Aron finds sanctuary in Los Angeles. His early post-war pictures darkly project Holocaust horrors, then in the slow course of healing and freeing himself from his past, Aron’s work gains poise and an inner perspective that radiates new and ever-changing vitality. He becomes well-known for his portraits, vibrant landscapes and intriguing studies of people in his unique style, “psychological realism.” His work soon catches the attention of Hollywood celebrities and connoisseurs alike, and commissions arrive from such notables as Ronald Reagan, Henry Miller and André Previn.

Tracing themes of courage, art, transformation and Holocaust history, INTO THE LIGHT presents a visual record of one man’s journey from the darkness into the light. “This book is a universal story about healing,” says Magee. “Its lessons relate to all who have suffered—physically or psychologically, whether collectively or individually. I hope it may guide all who seek to put their suffering aside and reclaim their light.”

Aron’s artwork is in public and private collections throughout the United States and in Great Britain, Sweden and Israel. His work has been exhibited at major national art institutions, including the Frey Museum of Fine Arts, Houston, San Francisco Museum of Art, Los Angeles County Museum of Art, Los Angeles Museum of the Holocaust and the Seattle Art Museum.

A “Notable Book of the Year 2012” by MOMENT Magazine

A "Book of Note" by Jewish Book World Magazine, Spring 2013

“Many books tell the inspiring and amazing stories of Holocaust survivors who manage to resume their lives anew after experiencing unspeakable horrors. [This] large-format book transcends the genre, providing an unblinking account of the life of an artist who survived seven slave labor and concentration camps and went on to create fine art.” Sandee Brawarsky, The Jewish Week 11.20.12

“Having time to look at the images, and reading Magee’s assessment of how they fit into Aron’s psychological journey, is a far different experience than reading the memoirs of other Holocaust survivors or coffee table books on other artists. This book is uniquely insightful. It may even help readers to understand how every survivor’s life is a continuing internal battle pitting memory of the past against the reality of the present.” Donald Harrison, San Diego Jewish World 1.27.13

Susan Beilby Magee's career spans diverse realms of politics, economics and spirituality. A leader of the women's movement and director of the Mayor's Office of Women's Rights in Seattle, she moved to Washington DC as a White House Fellow in 1976. In Washington, Magee held executive positions in the US Treasury and Commerce Departments and later served as an international business consultant. With an MBA from the Wharton School and a BA from Pomona College, she has served on numerous boards of directors. Twenty-six years ago, she turned from business to matters of the heart, meditation and healing, becoming a certified hypnotherapist and meditation teacher. The founder of the Washington Circle of Master Healers, she also participates in the healing ministry at the Center for Prayer and Pilgrimage at the Washington National Cathedral.

Susan B. Magee's life-long friendship with Kalman Aron began when she sat for her portrait at age six. A half century later, the artist asked her to write his story.

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