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Greil Marcus liked to refer back to “The Old, Weird America” when

discussing a certain famous set of recordings that emanated from a

Woodstock cabin basement. ALLAH-LAS sound like the Old, Weird Los

Angeles: Strains of true surfing music, American harmonies, Sunset Strip

backbeat, desert ramble filtered through Goldstar Sessioneers; That

pre-fuzz pedal ‘electrified folk’ music and pop groups hitting

that California sound with the tambourine on just the right beat. When

you hear it, you see things — Venice’s arches lit at night with the

ocean in the distance; mid-century hamburger stands and slow-moving

main drags in residential nights; Teen-age revues at 400 person

ballrooms; Ferus Gallery beatniks; bungalows in canyons; hidden deco

stairsteps peeking from leafy hillsides; kustom kars and dovetails and

chicks in OP shorts with long, long hair. Like a Dennis Hopper photo

come to life. You look at their well worn Fender guitars, their real

surfer tans, their dusty suede boots - and you see it’s a sound natural

to them; This isn’t an act. -

Nick Waterhouse (PRES records)

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