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Shawn Mafia & The 10 Cent Thrills!


8pm: Shawn Mafia & The 10 Cent Thrills!

March 14, 2013

Get ready to be slapped silly by some Bad Ass Americann-a-billy!!!

Shawn Mafia&The 10¢ Thrills take the stage at Pappy &

Harriett’s Pioneertown Palace for their first Hi-Desert appearance of

2013! Singer-Songwriter- Entertainer Shawn Mafia, accompanied by his

wildly abrasive backing ensemble The 10¢ Thrills, hit the stage at 8

p.m. sharp for a one of a kind musical performance that boldly defies

musical genres. Carnival sideshow theatrics that twist and shout their

way alongside a sound that can only be described as Rock Noir, GQ Punk,

Depression Era Modern, Blues Metal, and Americann-a-billy! One fan

stumbled punch-drunk and stupefied from a recent performance declaring

Shawn Mafia & The 10¢ Thrills as, “Bombastic, baffling, bamboozling,

and bizarre! It was like Tom Waits mashed up with Steel Panther!”


a multitude of new original songs that will be featured on Shawn

Mafia’s forthcoming 5th studio album on Sadistic Trendz Media, this show

is a must see for all hardcore fans, future fanatics and non-believers

alike! The sets will also feature cover songs from a diversity artists

ranging from Motely Crue, the Pixies, Warren Zevon, Johnny Thunders,

Dwight Yoakum, and the Blasters.

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