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C. Gibbs, Shelly Colvin, and the Weeks


730pm: C. GIBBS, Shelly Colvin & THE WEEKS! free

March 28, 2013


Weeks are a “sludge pop” band from Nashville by way of Mississippi

whose cathartic output of songs stems from the same root: their

geography and disadvantaged youth. Perhaps

best described as “Delta Rats,” The Weeks have truth and soul in

everything they do, and in the midst of their thrashing, thoughtful,

manic pop thrills, they never lose sight of the songs. Cyle, as the

band's lyricist, writes about what he knows and is often

autobiographical. Their music, arranged by Sam Williams, conveys the

attitude and emotion that the band utilizes to punctuate their

experiences, frame the impact of their surroundings and pointedly

references their life in the South. This is equally true in

their live show where attitude and amplitude are nuanced and ever


The Weeks recently signed to the Kings Of Leon’s

record label, Serpents&Snakes,

which released "The House We Grew Up In" in July and the Gutter Gaunt Gangster EP in September, with a full-length LP due April 2013.

American singer and songwriter originally from San Diego, California, now

based in Brooklyn, NY. He was a member of Jim Thirlwell's band Foetus,

played guitar in Modern English, fronted the rock trio Morning Glories

and pursued a solo career when signing to Atlantic Records for one album

in 1999. Currently he fronts the chamber-rock group Lucinda Black Bear.


country brother of Tom Waits”


“As his lyrics detail

surreal and troubled visions, the music wanders amid countryish

rock, cracked cabaret oompah and elaborate Beatles-flavored

ballads” – NEW YORK


“The man who –

sometimes in falsetto – sings his bear songs, is

a competent guide through the multilayered landscape of


“Rarely you hear

songs that are this deep, this profound”


Some artists make a choice to pursue music, and some are just born

into it. As the daughter of a music minister, talented

singer-songwriter Shelly Colvin absolutely falls into the latter


Learning to sing harmonies and performing onstage with her parents

before she even started kindergarten, music was a constant, integral

element of her early life. This foundational framework translates to an

impressive musical finesse that can be easily felt on her upcoming debut

album Up the Hickory Down the Pine.

Mixing a relaxed, seventies country rock vibe with sweeping, breathy

vocals that fall somewhere between Emmylou Harris, Linda

Ronstadt and Hope Sandoval (Mazzy Star), Colvin creates an inviting

sound that is both reminding and refreshing. Not content to use her

early influences as simply a destination point, she showcases her

creative momentum with the melodic shuffle of “Holding Steady,” the

quiet heartbreak of “The Staying Kind” and the banjo-fueled pulse of

“Pocket Change.”

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